Our lab is comprised of two main modules: The main lab houses computer controlled dual auto-titrators (Titrando 902, Metrohm), 250ml MiniBio bioreactors (Applikon, Netherlands), an analytical centrifuge (Lumisizer, LUM GmbH, Germany), homogenization and SDS-PAGE equipment, a spectrophotometer, chemical hood and more. The second module is the GI simulations unit which is a separate biohazard lab (BSL2 approved) dedicated to in vitro digestions in gastro-duodenal models and/or colonic models in batch or continuous systems based on human-derived samples. In addition, the lab performs advanced characterizations using Malvern particle sizers (Nano ZS and Mastersizer 3000) and a JPK nano-wizard II atomic force microscope (AFM) which are an integral part of a the infrastructure lab: “Russell Berrie Nanoparticles and Nanometric Systems Characterization Center”. Other advanced characterizations such as Confocal microscopy, Fluorescent spectroscopy, Circular dichroism (CD), POSTNOVA size exclusion chromatography coupled with multi-angle light scaterring detection  (SEC-MALS) and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) are  also routinely accessed by our lab members.

applikon labApplikon MiniBio reactors Computer controlled biochemical, microbial and cell culture bio-reactors capable of batch, Fed-Batch, Perfusion and Continuous cultivation using Borosilicate glass vessels,Stainless steel head plate and various auxiliaries, including advanced SCADA software for computerized operator control and programming,


The LUMiSizer is an analytical centrifuge that allows to instantaneous analysis of up to 12 samples from top to bottom using the innovative STEP-Technology ® thus, making it an effective tool for accelerated and/or comparative testing of suspensions, emulsions and dispersions. Moreover, this new model allows capturing the complete particle size distribution of samples with particles of up to 500 um, as we have recently shown in the study of proteinaceous nano-particle stabilization of emulsions.

Titrando 902 with Dual Dosing UnitTitrando 902 with Dual Dosing Unit, the 902 Dosino is equipped with state-of-the-art mechatronics, high sensitivity pH electrodes and TIAMO software for exceptional operator control and adjustable programming. We have been using this system to mirror to luminal biochemical dynamics of the stomach and duodenum of infants, pre-adolescents and adults, as described in one of our recent publications.

DSCN1604The GI simulations unit boasts a validated three stage continuous fermentation system capable of mimicking the proximal, transverse and distal microflora of the human colon. This system presents numerous opportunities to study the potential of food and food ingredients to nutritionally program the gut microbiome and metabolome towards healthier ones as well as a platform to study the gut microbiome of different human populations. Batch models offer further opportunities to study the gut microbiome and the fermentability of foods and drugs.

Additional equipment: Emulsiflex (Avestin)